Budding Explorers has bright, warm, homely classrooms. Our two rooms have designated learning areas in which the children are free to move between. During the course of the year learning areas are adapted based on children interests thereby facilitating continual learning and development for the children. As Budding Explorers follows the Reggio Emilia approach the environment is viewed as a key element in enabling children’s learning and we regularly have ‘invitations to play’ set-up for the children to explore. Children’s learning is mainly documented through photographs and art work so the majority of our wall space is dedicated to documenting the children’s learning journey during the year. Parents are encouraged to take time to look as the work and the children are always eager to describe their Master pieces.

Creation station

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach our creation station provides children with a variety of mark making materials, craft items, selection of paper and boards for children to be creative and express themselves through art.

Fine motor skills corner

These shelves are filled with a variety of activities which focus on refining fine motor skills which are essential for a child’s independence. Many of the activities on the shelves are part of Montessori’s practical life area and we support children through one-to-one demonstration of how to use the resources so as to maximise the benefits for children and ensure they can complete the activities and build confidence in their own abilities.

Early maths station

This area contains a variety of early maths resources such as sorting activities using colours and shapes, pattern recognition and pattern building activities. Small group activities are often initiated by children in this area where they recruit friends to play the activities. The puzzle shelves are always busy, they help settle children in the mornings and the shelves are graded for complexity so children are encouraged to process to more difficulty puzzles as their abilities grow.

Imaginary play area

Our imaginary play area is designed to capture children’s imaginations and allow them to transform themselves into various roles such as chef, shop keeper, fireman and many more. There is much chatter and laughter in this area and it encourages children social and emotional development. The area is adapted based on children’s interests and curriculum themes, one of the most memorable was our Christmas market where stalls were set up for selling decoration and gift and pancakes and hot chocolate served from the cafe.

Book corner

We love books and strongly believe in the benefit of exposing children to books and literature at a young age. Books can be found in several corners in the 2 classrooms and we also have a comfy sofa next to the main book shelves for children to peruse and of course us to read stories to both small and full groups.