Everyone wants the best start in life for their child's education and Budding Explorers certainly provides that head start. The holistic teaching approach of Nikki and her staff is wonderful and makes for a supportive and nurturing learning environment, my two girls loved every minute. Tara, our youngest would even ask to go on a Saturday and Sunday she loved it so much! There wasn't a day when the girls wouldn't bring home something from their day at school, a painting, a plant, a song and the endless nursery rhymes being sung in the car on our way home. The fantastic outdoor space is wonderful from the vegetable garden to the jungle gym, or us the outdoor space at Budding Explorers provides great freedom and exposure to the natural world. We are sad to say goodbye to Nikki and her staff as our youngest now transitions into primary school, but we are also so happy and grateful that Budding Explores has provided our children with such a positive learning experience. Thank you dearly for everything you have done for out children.

Smith Family

Going to Budding Explorers was our son's first experience of care outside of our home, the transition was made so smooth and exciting by the caring kind and patient staff.  the garden is a place of mystery, interest, excitement and beauty where Callum learned an appreciation of the natural world and a sense of wouder and exploration.  he thrived in this happy, loving and fun environment.  as a parent I cannot express enough my gratitude to Nikki, Rezeda and Lisa.

Dowling Family

I am extremely delighted with the great experience Ava has had in Budding Explorers.  it has been a very happy and safe environment in which she has learnt about cooking, gardening, games, painting and much more.  the staff are friendly and professional, Ava who is naturally shy has come out of herself since starting here.  i would highly recommend Budding Explorers for their high care and educational experience they provide.

Dewey Family

As first time parents using a preschool facility we didn't know what to expect. However we would highly recommend Budding Explorers for the time, work and effort the teachers put into developing a child’s mind in many ways. Our little girl has had a fantastic year. She has grown-up physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially through play and learning.  She has come home every week with something new she has learned and not to mention something she has made!  It has been a brilliant developmental experience for both herself and ourselves in preparation for primary school and the coming years.

O'Dowd Family

Our  son Christian loved his time at Budding Explorers preschool.  the interest in each child is very obvious and is a credit to the dedication of the staff and to Nikki. we are very grateful that Christian had an opportunity to be a part of such a well run facility.  Nikki is a true professional and a shining example of what the childcare industry needs.  we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Gleasure Family

My daughter from day one, thoroughly took to budding explorers, she doesn't miss a day!  her vocabulary and capacity to describe her indoor and out door environment has increased immensely.  the nature program followed and garden development project, where she got a hands on opportunity to plant, weed and nurture has given her an enhanced awareness and appreciation for her natural surroundings.  i would recommend budding explorers highly for its staff/child ratios, individual child care and attention into all developmental details

Nikki Laura & all the support staff have imagination, vision and commitment to opening little minds to a whole new world. Budding explorers is a fantastic stepping stone to the future. A love of baking has developed in our house because of school.  I cannot give enough praise to the staff.  5 stars

Karen & Daniel

Kieran really enjoyed his time at Budding Explorers. It was an environment in which he flourished, learnt easily and made friends quickly.  Saturdays and Sundays were spent looking forward to Monday.

Devane Family

Our children had a great time a Budding Explorers.  They loved the variety of indoor and outdoor activities (walks, games, play kitchen, singing, drama, cooking  and gardening).  The people at Budding Explorers are kind, gentle and enthusiastic.

Katie & Gerard

Both our little girls have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Budding Explorers.  With a great emphasis on learning, nature, exercise we could not have asked for more.  A truly stimulating time for little minds in a safe and caring environment.

Casey family

Just a note to say we have really noticed how Nia has progressed since going to Budding Explorers. We’re really pleased with this as we know how much effort and patience and time that you all give to each and every child. It’s truly appreciated. We hope Nia’s education continues to grow at the high standard that has been afforded her in her time spent in Budding Explorers.

Eva & Mark

Having had an association with Budding Explorers, formally Gertie’s, since 2003 it is with great sadness that this relationship is about to end with the completion of our 4th child’s pre-education.  The care and development our children received gave them an idealistic foundation for primary education.  It is with great appreciation that we sign-off by saying thanks to Gertie, Maureen, Nikki, Laura & Rezeda.

Casey Family