This is a bird’s eye view of our outdoor space highlighting the size and sense of space for the children,  the different levels and natural surfaces (grass, gravel, bark, decking) that is provided along with a mixture of mature trees and newly planted areas. The outdoor space affords children the freedom to run, jump, skip and enjoy the sense of freedom and space.

A jungle gym with two climbing frames enabling children to enhance their climbing, balance and co-ordination.  A bridge on top allows the children to look out into the country side and absorb their natural surroundings.

A decked area designed for children to relax on mats and enjoy the sensorial garden.

Imaginary play areas includes a pirate ship deck; dinning/kitchen area made from an old fern tree trunk and the tree tunnels which have been transformed into fairy worlds, and monsters dens.

A large gravel area with sand pit , water table & mud kitchen. 

Tables are also in place to support outdoor construction, building blocks and other table top activities.

Vegetable patches for children to use and learn through hands on experience plant and insect life-cycles and encourage an interest in nature and respect for the environment.

The layout of the garden lends itself to organised games such as stuck in the mud, what’s the time Mr. wolf, along with yoga on the decked area or setting up obstacle courses using the jungle gym and Buntús equipment.

What people say about our outdoor space

Nikki has a beautiful space/garden which she has put a lot of work and time at her own expense into ensuring it provides children with ample opportunities for learning and development.  This space has a sensory garden, different levels for the children to explore, a vegetable area, a river at the end of the garden, which provides a rich auditory sensory experience for the children, lots of natural features, trees, grass, shrubs to hide behind, mountains to view in the distance, stepping stones, a slide and swings, sand and water areas and somewhere to sit and relax. Children need and benefit greatly from being outdoors and especially from being exposed to nature and beauty.  This garden provides children with lots of opportunity to experience a very natural outdoor environment. It appeals to the senses and provides opportunity to explore, create, be physical, be challenged, run, hide and socialise with peers.

Marie Doherty
Early Childhood Specialist, Early Childhood Ireland

The size and quality of the outdoor area was what initially attracted me to Budding Explorers.  Apart from the obvious advantage it affords the children to express themselves freely during play, thus getting meaningful amount of exercise in the fresh air, it helps them acquire an appreciation of the natural surroundings, the passing of the seasons and the enjoyment associated with learning to grow things.  it also provides a perfect space for relaxation, story telling etc.

Natalie O'Shea

As a parent I know how important fresh air and exercise is to all children, the facilities at Budding Explorers ensure that full advantage is taken of every and all occasions where outdoor play is possible. The Budding Explorers team is always conscious of safety and you can never be too careful with children especially our your explorers.

Katie Trant

The wonderful outdoor facilities were one of the primary reasons the we decided to send our daughter to Budding Explorers.  The importance of a safe, secure outdoor area where children can play and explore is invaluable, knowing that our daughter is engaging in out door activities in the fresh air in such a safe and well equipped play area is of great importance to us.

Kathryn Smith

My daughter attends Budding Explorers and always talks about playing outside and how much she enjoys it.  I think it is very important for children to experience play in the outdoor setting as well and indoor setting.  Many playschools located in urban areas do not have an outdoor space in a natural setting.  I strongly believe that play outdoors is hugely beneficial for children.

Fiona Cunnan